About Happinessmocktail…

You must be wondering why I named my blog, ‘happinessmocktail’?

Well, as we all know, a mocktail is a blend of various beverages, juices, and other taste and look enhancing ingredients; so is our happiness!

Each day offers a unique flavor of happiness in the simplest things. 🙂 May it be a bright morning, a pat on the back or a laughter on a silly mistake, meeting a faraway friend or making a new one, receiving a divine smile from a baby or heartfelt blessings from an elder, learning something new or vanquishing a shortcoming, getting a long-dreamt art piece at a reasonable price, or simply a well-turned-out coffee shared with beloved on a winter morning…the list would be virtually endless…

These ingredients contribute to my happiness; and I think yours too. They cheer and freshen us just as a mocktail would do. 🙂 They are present around us, within our reach; always…We can find them only if we search for and acknowledge them.

Happinessmocktail is my endeavor to find out such ingredients from routine and share with you. Also it is an effort to groom the perspective of looking at life simply and happily. Hope this reveals the idea behind my blog name. 🙂



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