Top 5 Habits Worth Giving up Completely

Who on the earth does not wish to be happy and peaceful always? But some distructive habits often interfere our happiness by leading us to troubles, pains, or both. I jotted down these harmful habits out of my observations. Here are the top 5 habits worth only giving up completely:

1. Comparing Oneself with Others: May it be materialistic possessions, bank balance, job satisfaction, love, relations, lifestyle, looks; or just anything else…The simplest shade of comparing with others generates the feelings of distress. Instead, comparing with yesterday’s own version is better. 🙂

2. Procrastinating: However hard, boring, dirty, tiring, or unpleasant the task on head is; it needs addressing in time. If it is postponed, it comes later in multifold, or worsens. Isn’t it better to complete the unavoidable boring task as fast and neat as possible, and then relax with a cup of coffee? 🙂

3. Underestimating Oneself: Any sentence or dialogue that initiates with, “I am not good at…”, “Had I been…”, or “I can’t…” is harmful. What more, these negative words clearly show a hint of inferiority complex if paired with a look of guilt on the face. It is quite okay if one cannot do or does not know a few things under the Sun.


4. Worrying about Future: Worrying in any case is unhealthy because one can neither know nor alter the future. It just deplete today’s energy. Instead, how about working sincerely on the task in hand by putting in our heart, head, and hands; and remaining optimistic?

5. Judging People: The world is not divided clearly into good and bad. People are just different from each other. Judging people is incorrect because they are dealing with different sets of equations in their own capabilities and resources than what one has.

These real life observations are helping me to keep my peace of mind. It is better to learn and practice something late than never…What do you say? 🙂



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