Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Father,

Today on the occasion of Father’s Day, when I started to pen down my feelings, I realized that it didn’t come to me as easily as I thought to express my love for you…May be because I grew up seeing you strict, punctual, and firm; or may be it is the matter of generation and culture I am born in. But I could always feel your loving concern in every small act you did for our close-knit family.


I grew up observing how unconditionally and dedicatedly you took care of my grandparents and how you cooperated my working mother. You are always upright and truthful; let whatever may come your way. Though I learnt to keep complete faith in the loved ones from mother, I learnt to be worthy of the boundless faith of others from you.

You are clean and the same person inside and out. Perhaps because of that, sometimes what you speak seems harsh; especially when some people around you have ears only for flattery. That makes you quite infamous among them. But what you say is rational; they also know it. So they all rely upon your opinions. 😀

I observed you handling hardships and difficult situations calmly yet optimistically. Your emotional strength and foresightedness is unparalleled. Speaking to you untangles even the most tricky situation. 😀 You were always the one I looked up to. 

You are very uncomplicated and approachable when it comes to communicating with you. You always find time to speak to me, above any most important task in your hand. You are open to listen to my ideas. It’s not that you like my every idea I share with you; but still sometimes you mend your opinions and viewpoints by going beyond rationalism; only out of love and care. It doesn’t need any material, still it makes me feel very special.

Today, I wish to convey you that you are an exceptional father and I am so privileged to have born to you! 🙂

I Love You, Father!



  1. Wow Manisha really good.The person who know your father thoroughly like me could relate the situations you write. Yes I always salute these old people like my father and also kaka how they people handle their responsibilities in such a good
    Great going Manisha keep it up my dear friend 👍

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