About me

I am a computer science graduate and a technical writing post graduate, working as a Technical Writer. I proudly hail from a simple yet genuine family from India, the land of spices, henna, rangoli, festivals, and sweets.

I am a happily married wife to a Defense officer and a mother to an active teenage boy.

I like to read, write, cook, visit places, trek, chat, paint, create henna tattoos, and learn new skills. I also like to share my views, achievements, failures, recipes, views on writing, books, places, mother nature, life, death, and everything in between. Truthfulness, Coffee, and Dark chocolates have vital importance in my life. 😉 I find myself inclined towards taking new experiences and spirituality. I believe in two ideas: One, whatever goes around comes around. Two, happiness needs to be the choice in the journey of life.