Reliving the Nostalgia

It was a cloudy and humid noon of Saturday when I was at my mother’s place.

It was as warm as an oven! The fans also didn’t help. I changed my thought of turning on the AC and went up onto the terrace to get some fresh air. It was warm outside too.

The sky looked grey and the clouds had masked the Sun completely. The birds remained quiet. There was hardly anyone on the road. The clouds growled frequently with the streaks of lightning. The trees stood so quiet as if they were punished to stand still. Especially the erect Indian Cork tree at the corner of the house caught my attention… How tall it had grown all these years!! It was adorned with the bunches of long creamy-white flowers. The women folk of our house could create long garlands of those flowers without using a string.

A sudden cool wave of breeze brought an immense shot of petrichor from elsewhere. It must be already raining somewhere. I closed my eyes and inhaled as deeply as I could.  Something familiar and amazing happened.

The Indian Cork tree swayed. Its long flowers glided down swiftly to the ground. I descended the stairs almost running and went under the tree. My childhood moments were around the corner. 🙂

It started drizzling. Now, the mother will call me while collecting the clothes from the clothes string for she fears the lightning, the father will collect the coconut-halves kept on the terrace for drying, and they both did.

I paid deaf ears to her call and took the opportunity to pick up the Tree Jasmine flowers till my both hands could not hold anymore… The flowers and a few yellow, lemon-green colored leaves rolled on the ground due to the wind.

The Flower Shed

I waited in the drizzle for a little while holding my bunch of flowers till I could feel a chilled raindrop straight on my tongue. My age, social status, and location became insignificant to me for that moment. A couple of ladies passed by hurriedly holding their flat folded bags overhead. They gave me a dirty look, which didn’t bother me. Then I rushed into the house before getting drenched.

Now, the mother will scold me a little for getting wet, the father will take my side, and they both did. 😀

I overlooked what they argued among themselves and I made her sit next to me. Then emptied my wet palms in front of her and held both her palms on my cheeks to feel the warmth. I tried making a garland of the Tree Jasmine flowers without using a cotton string while she brought a dry towel. After a couple of attempts, I realized I couldn’t…

Now, the mother will demonstrate the beautiful arrangement while I carefully watch her twining the flowers one-by-one, I will hastily take the garland halfway from her to complete, and we did.

The Flower Garland

I had found it. I had relived it. 😀


Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Father,

Today on the occasion of Father’s Day, when I started to pen down my feelings, I realized that it didn’t come to me as easily as I thought to express my love for you…May be because I grew up seeing you strict, punctual, and firm; or may be it is the matter of generation and culture I am born in. But I could always feel your loving concern in every small act you did for our close-knit family.


I grew up observing how unconditionally and dedicatedly you took care of my grandparents and how you cooperated my working mother. You are always upright and truthful; let whatever may come your way. Though I learnt to keep complete faith in the loved ones from mother, I learnt to be worthy of the boundless faith of others from you.

You are clean and the same person inside and out. Perhaps because of that, sometimes what you speak seems harsh; especially when some people around you have ears only for flattery. That makes you quite infamous among them. But what you say is rational; they also know it. So they all rely upon your opinions. 😀

I observed you handling hardships and difficult situations calmly yet optimistically. Your emotional strength and foresightedness is unparalleled. Speaking to you untangles even the most tricky situation. 😀 You were always the one I looked up to. 

You are very uncomplicated and approachable when it comes to communicating with you. You always find time to speak to me, above any most important task in your hand. You are open to listen to my ideas. It’s not that you like my every idea I share with you; but still sometimes you mend your opinions and viewpoints by going beyond rationalism; only out of love and care. It doesn’t need any material, still it makes me feel very special.

Today, I wish to convey you that you are an exceptional father and I am so privileged to have born to you! 🙂

I Love You, Father!

I love You, Mother!


Dear Mother,

Today it is Mother’s Day.

On this occassion, I take the opportunity to tell you that:

I understand your fathomless love.
I understand your care and selfless sacrifice. I appreciate and try to follow your way. I wonder what a tremendous source of optimism and energy you are! You are not only my mother but also a friend, a philosopher, and a guide. I am so fortunate to have born to you.

I just wish to tell you that though we are miles away now; you are always on my mind.

I love you mother, and I always would. 🙂